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"Spatial planning shapes the area in which we live"


This can relate to enormous geographical areas or it can be about the way the ground floor of your home is arranged.

We work with clients who want to achieve the best possible use of their living space with reference to their lifestyle and needs.

This may be working on new build plans or on renovation work. In either case we focus on how the client wants the space to work for them, the flow of the space and how we can create options and alternative to the existing layouts to find the most successful solutions.

Sometimes our clients feel that they want to source and purchase for themselves. They  enjoy the shopping experience but just want a bit of help in terms of what to look for.


Our Colour Scheme and 'Look Book' service supplies you with a cohesive colour palette and a selections of high street shopping ideas which will help you achieve your desired look.

Our full interior design service incorporates both spatial planning and the design, specification and detailing of all the elements which go into a room. This may include bespoke furniture design, all surface finishes, window treatments, flooring and of course detailed lighting schemes.


All our design work is supported with detailed drawings which communicate the design to contractors and trades.

Whilst we are happy to create design schemes for you to implement yourself we prefer to work with you to complete the full installation of our designs.


This is because we can control the design and ensure that the result is completely as planned, has not been

're-interpreted' based on the contractor's preferred way of working nor has had any corners cut.


Our trusted teams of tradespersons and contractors are used to working with us, understand our need for quality and consideration for the client's home. Whatever the size of the project you are guaranteed a commitment from us to quality finishes and a fully attentive service.




If you wish to know more about out interior design services please do contact us with your queries, we will be happy to discuss your requirements further.

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