Judith Harrop


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Last Episode of Frost




Interior Design on the telly..

TV interior design makeover show crime scene rescue shot

The last thing you expect as an Interior Designer is to find your project starring in a well loved drama series.


The very last episode of 'A Touch of Frost' a property in Leeds we were working on had been hired out to the makers of the TV series.


Here the spacious kitchen became the back drop to an uncomfortable conversation between husband and wife (played by Adrian Dunbar and Niamh Cusack)


Not sure I'm 100% happy with their stylist's props!

The BBC got in touch and asked if I would take part in a pilot series based on real time burglary investigations.


The 'Crime Scene Rescue' team headed by Rav Wilding shadowed West Yorkshire police as they followed up local crimes, interviewed the victims and gave valuable advise on how to protect their homes.


The show then filmed local businesses coming to the 'rescue' to replace windows, locks, and install intruder alarms.


As interior designer, my role was to re-style the main room which had been left  tainted by intruders.


It was heaps of fun; my 'victim', ironically a probation officer, was understandably upset after the burglary but couldn't quite believe the way everyone took over to transform his home.